Vietnam - a dynamic economy on the rise - has one of the world’s lowest unemployment rates, placed at just 2.23 at the beginning of 2016. The country is experiencing extraordinary growth and is gaining popularity as a very attractive destination for expats, especially skilled workers looking for quality jobs, as there are plenty of opportunities to take – and good food to taste.


You will need to secure a working permit to work in Vietnam for more than 3 months. A work permit’s validity lasts 24 months (2 years). The procedures may seem quite complicated for the time being, but the good news is the Vietnamese government is trying to simplify the requirements.
Living Costs
Cost of living in Vietnam is approximately a half of that in United States. You can easily have a high quality of life in big cities in Vietnam with a budget of only a few hundred dollars.
Housing & Accomodation
Houses and apartments for rent are plenty, especially in big cities like HCMC and Hanoi. There is a wide range of accommodation options for long term stays ranging from a basic room for $200 a month to serviced apartments to villas for thousands of dollars per month.


You can find all types of means of transport in Vietnam, except the subway, which is still in the development stage. Most Vietnamese people get around on a motorcycle, or more precisely, a scooter. Vietnam is known for their chaotic motorbike traffic, but our advice to expats is to get comfortable with traffic by foot first, then check your comfort level as a motorbike passenger, and ease your way slowly into actually driving in Vietnam.
Food and Drink
Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its richness in taste and nutrition. Furthermore the food is cheap too! However, if you need a break from the local delicacies, you'll be able to find anything you’re looking for, as there’s a wide variety of international cuisines to enjoy.
Staying Healthy
The healthcare system in Vietnam combines aspects of Eastern and Western medicine. While public hospitals are still under-equipped and overcrowded – a common problem shared by many developing countries- Vietnamese private hospitals and clinics are of high standard and can cater to your needs. It is recommended that you take out private health insurance before traveling to Vietnam. This will cover you for treatment at private healthcare establishments.


Enjoy your life in Vietnam

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

You'll find a mixture of Western and Eastern cultures throughout Vietnam. Modern cinemas where you can watch the latest blockbusters, opera houses with a variety of performances, art galleries, and a growing music scene.

Learn to speak Vietnamese

Although you can definitely survive in Vietnam with speaking only English, learning Vietnamese can bring you numerous benefits and fascinating experiences. Plus, learning a new language is always a worthwhile challenge.

Travel around Vietnam

Vietnam is famous for its many tourist destinations and the gorgeous scenery, featuring everything from beaches, to mountains, to terraced rice paddies. If you have an adventurous heart, this country is definitely a must-visit, and to many, a must-stay.


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