At YOLA, our staff are our most valuable asset. Regardless of social and educational background, nationality, age, gender or any other factors, when a staff member joins our family, we take time and effort to invest in him or her from their very first to the very last day being a Yolan. We want our staff to succeed, not just at YOLA, but wherever they are.


Our unique Junior program is designed to nourish the bright young minds that hunger for knowledge. At YOLA, we aim to help create a generation of well-rounded teenagers with high English proficiency, profound academic background, and big hearts, who not only enjoy making progress and aspire to become high-achievers, but also love sharing and helping others.

Test Prep

Our test prep programs include IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and more. As experienced and passionate educators, we are determined not only to help our students achieve high levels of English proficiency and polish their test taking skills, but also to equip them with an open, receptive mind they will need to access their desired educational goals.


Student Improvement
While students are asked to do communicatie tasks through pair work, presentation, and debate, with its content-based approach, YOLA Junior emphasizes improving students’ reading and critical thinking skills. A wide knowledge base is correlated with higher levels of literacy and higher academic achievements
Discovery and Growth
Students are expected to engage in a journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment, and peer sharing. Life skills are not taught using a top-down approach, but rather, using guided questions to help students craft their own answers to life skills situation. Teachers are expected to mentor the groups and be able to empathize with teenagers.
Lesson Structure
Lesson materials utilize knowledge relevant and familiar to Vietnamese teenagers while presenting them with role models and diverse perspectives. Each class session follows a standard model of students’ learning mood cycle to build a dynamics “wow” experience, instead of hours of rote memorization playing unchallenging games.


YOLA provides modern and dynamic facilities to ensure that our teachers receive full support in the classroom.
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Classrooms furnished with an air-con, a projector, a computer connected with internet and printer. Class size: 5-18 students

Lab Rooms

Lab rooms at each centers for testing purpose

Online Learning

Online materials and the Online Appify system to check attendance, request sub, check for your working hours


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